Konnan: CM Punk & Danielson's AEW Success Explained


Konnan: CM Punk & Danielson's AEW Success Explained

In a recent special edition of the "K100" podcast, AAA's renowned booker, Konnan, delved into the impact that wrestling icons CM Punk and Bryan Danielson have made in AEW. He also addressed the comparisons many fans and industry insiders have drawn between their AEW stints and the legendary WCW run of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan.

Responding to a fan's inquiry about whether CM Punk and Bryan Danielson's roles in AEW could be deemed as unsuccessful, Konnan pointed out the flawed nature of Punk's earlier assertions. Punk had drawn parallels between the AEW debuts of Adam Cole and Danielson with the iconic appearances of Nash and Hall in WCW.

"He was unmistakably off the mark," Konnan remarked. While he refrained from labeling Punk and Danielson's AEW journey as a "flop," he did credit a significant portion of the company's achievements to their presence. Specifically emphasizing Punk's drawing power, Konnan stated, "It was Punk who secured them their inaugural million-dollar gate."

Konnan Praises Danielson's Influence

Moving the focus to Bryan Danielson, Konnan emphasized the invaluable experience and insights that Danielson brings.

Likening him to the legendary Bret Hart's desire to be an agent, Konnan said, "Having Danielson backstage is akin to elevating everything. He possesses profound knowledge and garners immense respect from his contemporaries and today's budding talents." However, he didn't hold back in his criticism of the premature comparisons made with Hall, Nash, and Hogan, suggesting that the industry might have jumped the gun in drawing such parallels.

To provide context, back in 2021, CM Punk expressed his belief that Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson's AEW debuts held more weight than the unforgettable entrances of The Outsiders, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall in WCW. Despite facing critique, Punk stood firm on his statement last year, projecting that the true impact of Cole and Danielson's inaugural appearances would manifest over the coming years.

Both of these eminent wrestlers, who had prior affiliations with WWE, marked their AEW entries at the 'All Out' event in 2021, ending the show on a high note.

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