Jack Perry Debuts New AEW Theme, Slams Former 'Jungle Boy' Tune


Jack Perry Debuts New AEW Theme, Slams Former 'Jungle Boy' Tune
Jack Perry Debuts New AEW Theme, Slams Former 'Jungle Boy' Tune © All Elite Wrestling/YouTube

At the riveting AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view on June 25, an unexpected twist saw Jack Perry, widely recognized as the "Jungle Boy," pivoting darkly. After failing to seize the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship from SANADA, Perry stunned the audience by launching a HOOK attack.

This marked not just a narrative shift in his character but also a departure from his iconic "Jungle Boy" moniker and the cherished "Tarzan Boy" theme by Baltimora. Opening up about this transition during an in-depth discussion on All Elite Wrestling's "Hey!

(EW)" YouTube series, Perry didn't hold back his feelings. "To be brutally candid, I just couldn't take it anymore," he confessed. "Picture this: A full-grown adult like me navigating through the airport, only to be interrupted by some random person belting out my theme.

It's one thing to be recognized, but this bordered on absurdity. Ignoring them feels rude, but at times I've thought, 'Can we just move past this?'"

Jack Perry Critiques 'Tarzan Boy' Legacy

Further, in a candid conversation with RJ City, the show's host, Perry didn't mince words about his previous entrance theme.

Aligning with City's sentiment, Perry asserted that "Tarzan Boy" wasn't the musical masterpiece many deemed it to be. He even jested about Baltimora's fleeting fame, cheekily noting, "Honestly, they owe me big time for putting their song back on the map." Perry shed light on its backstory as the conversation steered toward his new chosen theme, the classic "Symphony No.

5" by Beethoven. "With the Baltimora track, I believe I set a certain... standard," he began, his tone dripping with irony. "When the decision to shift came about, I had only one demand for Tony [Khan, AEW's CEO] - 'Get me the grandest, most opulent piece of music you can lay your hands on.'

And he didn't disappoint." The choice, Perry implies, is as much about grandeur as it is about defining a new era for his wrestling journey.


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