Britt Baker Shocked by Backlash to AEW Match with Taya Valkyrie


Britt Baker Shocked by Backlash to AEW Match with Taya Valkyrie
Britt Baker Shocked by Backlash to AEW Match with Taya Valkyrie © All Elite Wrestling/YouTube

Following their match on "AEW Dynamite" last month, Britt Baker and Taya Valkyrie found themselves at the epicenter of substantial critique. Their bout, characterized by several botched spots and a perceived lack of coordination, drew the ire of many fans and wrestling pundits.

Notably, wrestling veteran Bully Ray expressed his bewilderment during the bout. He commented that the pair seemed more intent on executing their signature moves rather than ensuring the overall flow and quality of the match.

In a subsequent conversation with sports streaming giant "DAZN," Baker expressed her astonishment at the vehement response their bout received. She candidly remarked, "I was genuinely taken aback by the feedback. I can recall matches I've had on AEW's live broadcasts that, in my opinion, were far from my best, yet they didn't attract nearly as much flak."

Baker Blames Bias for Backlash

Baker speculated that a significant chunk of the criticism could be attributed to her detractors on social media platforms.

She said, "I suspect many of the naysayers are individuals who already have a bias against me. It's unfortunate that Taya got entangled in this maelstrom. Every week, across various wrestling promotions, there are instances of miscommunication or missed spots.

Yet, I've observed that our match received a disproportionately high level of backlash." Emphasizing her position in the wrestling realm, Baker asserted, "Those behind the keyboards need to understand whom they're trying to disparage.

I am the D.M.D., the very face of AEW's women's division. Such criticisms only fuel my resolve to elevate my game." Baker further delved into the broader issue of online trolling faced by performers. She pointed out the arbitrary nature of many criticisms: "Often, you're blamed for mishaps or shortcomings that aren't necessarily your doing.

The immediate assumption, especially if you're not a fan favorite, is that you're at fault. It's a frustrating dynamic. You're compelled to shout the real narrative to the world and expect apologies. Yet, the industry demands discretion, requiring immense patience and restraint on our part."

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