Swerve Strickland Highlights AEW Locker Room's Mindset Before 'All In

Strickland reveals backstage vibes ahead of London's big match.

by Noman Rasool
Swerve Strickland Highlights AEW Locker Room's Mindset Before 'All In
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In a recent exclusive interview with Paste Magazine, AEW wrestling superstar Swerve Strickland shed light on the immense anticipation enveloping the 'All In' pay-per-view event this Sunday in London. Strickland, the esteemed leader of the Mogul Embassy, will share the ring in a highly-anticipated Coffin match with his partner, AR Fox, as they square off against iconic wrestlers Sting and Darby Allin.

One of the most electrifying aspects of the event is the expected attendance. "Wrestling in front of a crowd that exceeds 80,000 fans is bound to feel surreal," Strickland remarked. "While my present concentration is solely on delivering an unmatched performance, the gravity of the situation will likely dawn on me only later.

Perhaps, as I unwind in my hotel room post-match, the sheer enormity of the event will truly sink in."

Strickland's Methodical Match Reviews

Strickland, ever the meticulous artist, is known for reviewing his matches with a critical eye.

He said, "Whenever I sense I've had a perfect match, I watch it almost immediately. I then delve into the finer details, analyzing crowd reactions, timing, and sequencing, like assessing game stats. It's pivotal for me to relive those moments for critique and to ensure I enjoy the essence of wrestling." As the 'All In' weekend looms, the atmosphere backstage has subdued excitement and heightened focus.

"At present, there's a visible serenity amongst the roster members. The event's enormity hasn't dawned on most, and I predict it'll hit everyone only when they step into that grand stadium before the show kicks off. That moment will remain etched in our memories," Strickland opined.

He further emphasized the unity and ambition that permeates the locker room, saying, "There's an undeniable air of focus and motivation right now. Even those who aren't part of the 'All In' or 'All Out' roster are driven, perhaps even more than those who are, purely because they're vying for a spot the next time." In conclusion, the 'All In' pay-per-view in London is shaping up to be a monumental event for the fans and the wrestlers. As Strickland and his peers gear up for the event, the wrestling community waits with bated breath.

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