Santana & Ortiz Reunite on AEW Dynamite


Santana & Ortiz Reunite on AEW Dynamite
Santana & Ortiz Reunite on AEW Dynamite © Art Carters Wrestling Library/YouTube

On the latest episode of "AEW Dynamite," the wrestling universe witnessed an iconic reunion that sent ripples of excitement across Wembley Stadium in London. The Blackpool Combat Club, which is set to dazzle fans during the Stadium Stampede match at AEW All In London, welcomed a familiar duo, restoring both Pride and Power to their corner.

The night took an exhilarating turn when Santana made a dramatic return from his injury, taking everyone by surprise. As the cameras rolled, Santana, without missing a beat, reunited with Ortiz, his erstwhile tag team partner from their Proud-N-Powerful days.

Together, they rallied with the Blackpool Combat Club to fend off formidable foes: Death Triangle and Best Friends. Their resurgence came on the heels of Jon Moxley's intense triumph over Rey Fenix.

Yuta's Shocking Attack on Fenix

However, the night's drama didn't end with the reunion.

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Wheeler Yuta of the Blackpool Combat Club, perhaps aiming to make a statement, mercilessly attacked Fenix with a crowbar. The aftermath was gruesome, as the former AEW World Tag Team Champion had to be stretchered out, leaving the audience in a hush of concern and disbelief.

Santana's absence from the ring was attributed to a torn ACL he sustained during the Blood & Guts Match on June 29, 2022. Amidst the murmur of his injury, whispers about a potential rift between Santana and Ortiz had begun to circulate.

The wrestling community was rife with speculation, wondering if the cherished duo's bond had been permanently fractured. The perceived discord, compounded by Santana's injury, had many fans on tenterhooks, uncertain if they would ever see their favorite team in action together again.

However, putting rest to these speculations, AAA Head Booker Konnan recently shed light on the situation. According to him, by July, the two former EYFBO team members had reconciled and were back on amicable terms. Their reunion on "AEW Dynamite" thus wasn't just a win for them but also for the fans who had been eagerly waiting for this moment.