Will Ospreay Slams AEW Dynamite Music Choice

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Will Ospreay Slams AEW Dynamite Music Choice
Will Ospreay Slams AEW Dynamite Music Choice © Alicia Atout/YouTube

In a recent misstep by AEW's production team, wrestling superstar Will Ospreay voiced his disappointment when the wrong entrance theme played for him during an episode of Dynamite. Making a dramatic comeback on Dynamite's August 16th episode, Ospreay witnessed an unexpected turn of events.

Chris Jericho, in a shocking revelation, accepted Don Callis' proposition to be part of his "family". However, the scene swiftly took a twist as Jericho found himself on the receiving end of a surprise and relentless assault by Ospreay, directed by none other than the enigmatic Hidden Hand.

This unexpected confrontation paved the way for an official face-off between Ospreay and Jericho, slated to take place amidst a roaring crowd of over 80,000 spectators at the iconic Wembley Stadium during the All In event in London.

To heighten the anticipation for the encounter, a contract signing was organized on the subsequent Dynamite show. Yet, the tension between the two wrestlers was palpable, culminating in a tumultuous brawl that required security to intervene.

AEW Music Mix-Up Irks Ospreay

However, the event's integrity was further compromised when, to Ospreay's chagrin, AEW's production crew mistakenly played his older theme, 'Bring it down – Zenith of God', instead of his more renowned theme, 'Elevated'

Addressing the error, Ospreay took to social media, ensuring that the oversight would be rectified at Wembley. He tweeted:

Interestingly, Ospreay had long favored 'Elevated' before transitioning to 'Bring it down', an alignment with his evolved 'Commonwealth Kingpin' persona following the inception of the United Empire.

Nevertheless, in light of a significant challenge from Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 17, Ospreay felt compelled to revert to his 'Aerial Assassin' image, a transformation that saw the resurrection of the fan-favorite theme, 'Elevated'

In a bid to rally his fellow countrymen during the upcoming match, especially with fans probably joining in on Jericho’s ‘Judas’, Ospreay has gone a step further by sharing the lyrics of 'Elevated' on social media, encouraging them to sing along and show their support.

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