AEW Nigel McGuinness: Ring Return at All In?


AEW Nigel McGuinness: Ring Return at All In?
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Nigel McGuinness has long been a familiar voice at the commentary table, but recent rumors have alluded to a potential return to in-ring action. However, fans eagerly anticipating his in-ring return at AEW's All In pay-per-view might want to manage their expectations.

Sources close to Fightful Select reveal that during the All In media junket, McGuinness asserted he would not be making his wrestling comeback on the August 27 show taking place in his home nation of England. The reason behind this decision? McGuinness pointed to Bryan Danielson's recent injury.

As he expounded on the "AEW Unrestricted" podcast, the commentator held hopes of stepping out of his retirement for a showdown with Danielson at the iconic Wembley Stadium. However, a broken arm injury that Danielson sustained during a match against Kazuchika Okada at the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event in June seems to have shifted those plans.

Lightening the mood, McGuinness jovially remarked that perhaps Danielson was just "too chicken" to engage him in the squared circle.

Nigel McGuinness In-Ring Clearance Uncertain

For those trying to piece together the specifics, there hasn't been any official confirmation on whether McGuinness, the former Ring of Honor Champion, has been medically cleared for in-ring competition.

But it was apparent that measures towards this end were being explored. Diving into history, McGuinness, now 47, graced the ring for his last match in December 2011. His last appearance on the small screen was against Stevie Richards in a bout for "TNA Explosion" in September 2010.

However, as he confided to Fightful during the All In press meet, he perceives his strength now lies in commentary. McGuinness has been a pivotal figure in professional wrestling's broadcasting sector. After a stint with WWE, where he lent his voice to matches on "NXT UK," "WWE NXT," and "205 Live," he inked a deal with AEW/ROH in April 2023.

This came months after his WWE exit in October 2022. As the wrestling world evolves, McGuinness's role, whether behind the mic or in the ring, remains one to watch.

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