Chris Jericho Ambushes Will Ospreay at RevPro Show

Unexpected twists unfold at Revolution Pro's anniversary event.

by Atia Mukhtar
Chris Jericho Ambushes Will Ospreay at RevPro Show
© Will Pruett/YouTube

The wrestling world witnessed shocking events as the charismatic and unpredictable Chris Jericho made his move ahead of tomorrow's AEW pay-per-view, All In. Not content to wait for the grand stage, Jericho ambushed his rival, NJPW superstar Will Ospreay, at Revolution Pro Wrestling's star-studded 11 Year Anniversary Show, set against the iconic backdrop of London, England.

Coincidentally, this is the same locale for the highly anticipated All-In event. During a riveting main event, Ospreay locked horns with Shingo Takagi, emerging victorious. The aftershock of his triumph was short-lived, as fellow NJPW titan Zack Sabre Jr.

seized the spotlight. He boldly threw down a challenge to Ospreay, setting a match date for October 14 at the illustrious NJPW Royal Quest III event. Fans will recall that earlier that evening, Sabre Jr. showcased his skills against Ricky Knight Jr., adding another layer of intrigue to the unfolding drama.

Chris Jericho Shocking Unmasking Surprise

But the true climax of the night came post-challenge. Ospreay, basking in the warmth of his win and the looming challenge, was caught off guard. A masked assailant landed a devastating codebreaker on the star.

As the show reached its pinnacle, the mask came off, revealing none other than Jericho, leaving fans gasping in shock and awe. This electrifying feud between Jericho and Ospreay traces back merely a fortnight ago. On the August 16 airing of "Dynamite", Ospreay launched an unprovoked assault on Jericho under the orders of the wily Don Callis.

That very night, not one to be outdone, Jericho threw down the gauntlet, challenging Ospreay to a climactic showdown at All In. The build-up reached fever pitch during the contract signing on the August 23 "Dynamite", which, to no one's surprise, culminated in a chaotic brawl.

Sunday promises a historic confrontation as Jericho and Ospreay step into the ring together for the first time. Rewinding the clock, Jericho had marked his territory at the inaugural All In five years prior, targeting Kenny Omega in a surprise assault.

Ospreay was noticeably absent then. As we approach the face-off, an intriguing tidbit emerges: a whopping 85% of our editorial team places their bets on Ospreay besting "The Ocho." The wrestling world watches with bated breath.

Chris Jericho Will Ospreay