Tony Khan discusses hosting PPVs on consecutive weekends

AEW's strategic scheduling captures global wrestling fans' attention

by Noman Rasool
Tony Khan discusses hosting PPVs on consecutive weekends
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Today, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is set to witness one of the most significant moments in its history, with the "All In London" event anticipated to captivate over 80,000 fans at the iconic Wembley Stadium. This event, undeniably among the grandest in professional wrestling's annals, has raised eyebrows for another reason: its scheduling just a week prior to another major AEW pay-per-view, "All Out," slated for September 3rd in Chicago.

While "All Out" has been teased with a few matches, the evident priority, "All In," boasts an impressive card of 11 matches, spotlighting more than 40 wrestlers. The rationale behind such a bold scheduling move was recently illuminated by AEW's President, Tony Khan, during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Khan detailed the convergence of opportunities that led to this decision, stating, “The stars aligned perfectly for 'All In' at Wembley Stadium. The venue had an open slot, coinciding with a bank holiday weekend in England – creating an opportune business scenario.

That date, by serendipity, was just a week ahead of another strategically chosen date for 'All Out' in Chicago, right on America's Labor Day weekend”. He emphasized the deliberate nature of this strategy, elucidating, “This isn't coincidental.

Wembley's slot and the Labor Day weekend at United Center for 'All Out' are prime periods for live events. And in terms of profitability, both shows are already set to make a significant impact."

Khan Addresses Scheduling Skeptics

Acknowledging the raised eyebrows about AEW's audacious move of back-to-back weekend events, Khan confidently responded, “Doubters need only observe our robust ticket sales for both events.

Our impressive sales figures have already assured high profit margins, even before considering pay-per-view revenues." Tony Khan further expanded on the business acumen behind the move, pointing out the advantages of holiday weekends for the wrestling industry.

“The synergy of a bank holiday in England and the Labor Day weekend in Chicago offers prime opportunities. These weekends are prime real estate in the world of professional wrestling, and giving up on either would have been counterintuitive”.

Concluding, Khan reaffirmed AEW's commitment to its tradition, “Booking Wembley was a calculated move. Holding onto 'All Out' in Chicago is part of a revered tradition, and I'm determined to uphold that legacy”.

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