House Of Black Honors Bray Wyatt at AEW All In


House Of Black Honors Bray Wyatt at AEW All In
House Of Black Honors Bray Wyatt at AEW All In © AnthonyAlimodo - Westling Videos & Video Games/YouTube

The wrestling world was left in shock after the sudden passing of Windham Rotunda, more popularly recognized by fans as WWE's enigmatic star, Bray Wyatt, this past Thursday. To honor his memory, WWE dedicated a touching tribute on their flagship show, "WWE SmackDown." The episode poignantly culminated with Wyatt's signature lantern glowing in the midst of the ring, a silent yet powerful nod to the star's influence and charisma.

AEW Honors Bray Wyatt

However, WWE wasn't the only promotion to remember the late superstar. On Sunday, a significant gesture was witnessed at the AEW All-In event held at the renowned Wembley Stadium. Before the highly-anticipated match for the AEW Trios Championships, The House of Black—comprising of Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews, and Brody King—came forward to pay their respects to Wyatt.

Both Matthews and Black, having previously worked alongside Wyatt, felt the weight of the moment deeply. The ambiance in the colossal Wembley Stadium turned surreal when the lights were lowered. Emulating the "fireflies" effect that was emblematic of Wyatt's WWE entrances, thousands in attendance illuminated the stadium with the lights from their cellphones.

As the House of Black made their entrance, the audience held their breath when Matthews, in a heart-rending homage, held aloft a lantern mirroring Wyatt's iconic prop and then gently set it on the ground before them. AEW's adept commentary team, not missing the profound significance of the moment, extended their heartfelt condolences to Wyatt's grieving family.

They underscored the indelible mark Wyatt has left on the wrestling industry. However, the night was not without its twists. The defending champions, House of Black, faced an unexpected turn of events. In a thrilling climax to their match, Anthony Bowens, Max Caster, and Billy Gunn masterfully executed a coordinated pin on King.

The synergy of this trio led them to clinch the AEW Trios Championships, adding another layer of unforgettable memories to an already poignant evening.

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