Mercedes Mone AEW Debut Anticipated Post-Clearance


Mercedes Mone AEW Debut Anticipated Post-Clearance

As the high stakes of All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) event "All In" unfolded, fans were given a surprising glimpse of the former IWGP Women’s Champion, Mercedes Mone. Cameras captured her amidst the crowd during the 'Zero Hour' segment, and her unexpected presence certainly added a layer of intrigue.

Though she made multiple appearances on screen during the broadcast, Mone remained an observer, refraining from joining the action due to her ankle surgery recovery. AEW's President, Tony Khan, shed light on Mone's attendance in the post-event media scrum.

"Mercedes is still healing, and she isn't medically cleared to compete," Khan began, emphasizing the value of having her at the event. "Given her history with NJPW and the memorable bout against our own Willow Nightingale, having a talent of her international acclaim seemed fitting.

Especially for an event that showcased the AEW Women’s World Championship." The President continued, "This event had the largest paid pro-wrestling audience ever. It was essential for Mercedes, even in her non-competing capacity, to witness the spirit and magnitude of AEW firsthand.

Despite her current condition, having top global talents for a major international show like this is always a plus."

Mercedes Mone Strategic All-In Presence

Mercedes Mone's all-in appearance, however, wasn’t just to introduce her to AEW's audience.

It was also a strategic move to prevent highlighting her recent injury. A revealing report from PWInsider delved deeper into this strategy. Mone was reportedly donning a noticeable walking boot backstage, which explains her non-engagement during the event.

Furthermore, the PWInsider report indicates strong backstage speculation regarding Mone's future AEW debut. There's a prevailing sentiment that if not for her unfortunate ankle setback during her NJPW clash with Nightingale, fans would have witnessed Mone's grand entrance during AEW's "Blood & Guts", which happened to be in her hometown, Boston, MA.

With the wrestling community abuzz with anticipation, the overarching question remains: When will Mercedes Mone make her official mark in AEW? As she navigates her recovery, all signs point to her stepping into the AEW ring once she’s medically cleared.

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