Richard Holliday Responds to AEW Rumors & Possible MJF Reunion

From MLW roots to AEW prospects: a dynamic duo.

by Atia Mukhtar
Richard Holliday Responds to AEW Rumors & Possible MJF Reunion
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In an emotionally charged and eventful year for independent wrestling sensation Richard Holliday, 2022 brought forth personal trials that kept him away from the squared circle. Diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma, Holliday faced one of his most daunting opponents.

However, showing immense resilience and spirit, by May, he declared his triumphant victory over the disease, announcing his cancer was in remission. Fans of the former Major League Wrestling (MLW) superstar were overjoyed to see him make a swift return to the ring.

Whispers and speculations about Holliday's potential move to the wrestling giant WWE began to circulate. Adding fuel to these rumors was his appearance backstage at an All Elite Wrestling (AEW) event in July. Seeking to clarify the swirling rumors, Holliday recently graced the "Haus of Wrestling" podcast.

Here, he candidly discussed the prospects of joining AEW.

Richard Holliday and MJF's Wrestling Legacy

It's well-known in wrestling circles that Holliday shares a close bond with AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF).

This camaraderie traces back to their collaborative days in MLW, where both were integral members of the formidable faction, The Dynasty. Their chemistry was undeniable as they reigned as MLW World Tag Team Champions. However, the wrestling landscape witnessed a shift when MJF made the move to AEW soon after its inception.

Holliday, not one to be left behind, also exited MLW earlier this year. Addressing the fans' anticipation, Holliday remarked, "I think speculation is one of the most fun aspects of wrestling. It's heartwarming to see fans envisioning me in certain roles and scenarios.

That’s the most significant appreciation I can hope for." The recent AEW All In event saw MJF narrowly clinching a victory over Adam Cole. Their hard-fought battle concluded with an inside cradle pin, as both superstars were prevented from resorting to any underhanded tactics.

Interestingly, the same evening witnessed Cole and MJF, despite their differences, seizing the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship titles. With Roderick Strong and The Kingdom emerging as formidable foes for MJF and Cole, Holliday's potential alliance with his old friend MJF could indeed change the game in AEW. Only time will reveal the next chapter in this unfolding drama.

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