Grado Speaks About His Appearance at All In


Grado Speaks About His Appearance at All In
Grado Speaks About His Appearance at All In © Rick Fulton/dailyrecord

All In, a show produced by All Elite Wrestling, is one of the most successful wrestling shows that the company has ever produced. It took place at the Wembley Stadium, which is in London. It was attended by about 81,000 fans.

Grado was one of the wrestlers that appeared during the pre-show. Grado is a well-known Scottish wrestler. He appeared alongside Paul Wight (fka Big Show), and Anthony Ogogo (a famous English boxer). They appeared to confront legendary wrestler and wrestling promoter, Jeff Jarrett.

Grado recently appeared on Cultaholic to talk about his appearance at AEW All In. He spoke about the build-up and how he was informed about the event.

Grado Talks About His How He Was Informed That He Would be Part of Pre-show

Jeff Jarrett is one of the few wrestlers that was heavily promoting the event in the UK.

Jeff appeared on talkSPORT last month. Grado also appeared to join Jeff during his appearance. Grado started to poke fun at Jeff Jarrett during the show. This led the Jeff slapping Grado on his face. This little event helped promote All In quite well.

It seemed like Grado’s appearance for the pre-show was set in stone after this. According to Grado, that wasn’t the case. According to Grado, a lot wrestlers texted him to congratulate him. However, he didn’t receive a call from AEW, until just a few days before the event.

Usually, wrestlers are told a number of days in advance about their appearance. "I felt so uneasy," Grado stated. "I never tweeted anything since the Jeff Jarrett thing with talkSPORT. I was like, 'I am staying out of this.' ...

People were criticizing me, saying, 'Why did you [not] jump on the whole #BookGrado campaign?' [Like] I'd done with Madonna and I've done with ICW, and I ... just felt so uneasy." Grado’s fans start campaigning for him.

All of his fans wanted to see him on the show. We do not know whether the campaign led to him being included in the event, or the AEW had it planned all along. Besides wrestling in the UK, Grado is a former Impact Wrestling wrestler.

He also appears in BBC’s sitcom “Two Doors Down”. Grado thanked his fans for campaigning for him, as it was difficult to tell whether AEW would have included him in the event or not if there was no campaign.