Cody Rhodes Gets Trademark Refused

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Cody Rhodes Gets Trademark Refused

Cody Rhodes is one of the Executive Vice Presidents of All Elite Wrestling. All Elite Wrestling is a brand new wrestling startup. Its financial backer is Shahid Khan, who is a billionaire. Shahid’s net worth is more than that of Vince McMahon.

According to multiple reports, The WWE is worried about the launch of All Elite Wrestling. The WWE believes that All Elite Wrestling will compete with it and also sign its wrestlers. Quite a few WWE wrestlers are already interested in joining AEW.

Cody Rhodes filed for a trademark “Bash at the Beach”. The trademark has been initially refused by The United States Patent and Trademark Office. They believe that the trademark would likely cause confusion as the WWE has a trademark for “The Bash” which was an old pay-per-view.

Cody Rhodes wanted “Dusty Rhodes” to be trademarked as well, and the USPTO also initially refused that. “Dusty Rhodes” seems very similar to “Dustin Rhodes” which is a trademark that is registered to Dustin Runnels, who is Cody Rhodes real life brother.

Other trademark applications that were not approved by the USPTO include Bunkhouse Stampede, BattleBowl, The American Nightmare, The American Dream, and The Prince of Wrestling. AEW and the WWE will most likely bring a kind of Monday Night Wars period back. There is no doubt that most WWE officials know very well that AEW has the money required to hire any wrestler.