Rob Van Dam WrestleMania Spot Axed Over AEW Ties?


Rob Van Dam WrestleMania Spot Axed Over AEW Ties?
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Rob Van Dam (RVD), one of the wrestling world's most iconic figures, recently made headlines with his unexpected debut in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on August 2nd. That evening saw RVD confront Jack Perry, setting the stage for a showdown instigated by ECW legend Jerry Lynn.

Adding to the nostalgic ambience, Van Dam marched out to his familiar ECW theme song, "Walk" by Pantera. Their subsequent clash on August 9th culminated in RVD failing to seize the FTW Championship from the budding talent Perry.

Now, with the anticipation for WrestleMania 40 building, fans are eager to scoop up Priority Pass tickets. One of the highlighted experiences in the Champion Package is an "ECW Experience with Rob Van Dam". However, during his podcast, 1 Of A Kind, RVD expressed uncertainty about his slated WrestleMania appearance.

The reason? His recent stint with AEW. He revealed, “Maybe I’d show you if I was doing a WWE tour WrestleMania weekend, but I have good reason to believe that might be cancelled because of a recent appearance I might have done, with permission, for a different company.

Right now, I don’t feel like I can talk too much about that”. Notably, Van Dam confirmed that his AEW appearance had the green light from WWE officials.

Perry's Off-Screen Admiration for Rob Van Dam

While there's an apparent on-screen tension between RVD and Perry, off the mat, the latter has nothing but admiration for the veteran.

In a candid interview with Muscle and Fitness, Jack Perry gushed about his excitement at sharing the ring with RVD. He shared, “That was a match I eagerly anticipated. I've always been a die-hard RVD fan, both then and now.

To face someone I idolized as a kid was surreal. Observing his exceptional techniques up close was thrilling. His unique moves, many of which remain unparalleled today, genuinely make him ‘One of a Kind’. And with Rob, that's not just a catchphrase—it's reality”.

As fans hold their breath, the potential alteration of RVD's involvement at WrestleMania 40 becomes one of the most significant talking points in the wrestling community. Only time will reveal how this story unfolds.

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