Bully Ray: 'We'd Have Beat The Sh*t Out Of AEW's Jack Perry Back Then'


Bully Ray: 'We'd Have Beat The Sh*t Out Of AEW's Jack Perry Back Then'
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On a recent episode of the widely followed "Busted Open" podcast, wrestling legend Bully Ray voiced his perspective on the much-discussed altercation between AEW's Jack Perry and the iconic CM Punk during the AEW All-In event.

Ray portrayed Jungle Boy, Jack Perry's ring moniker, as a greenhorn who lacks a deep understanding of the intricate world of professional wrestling. "Jungle Boy comes off as this naive young talent who's yet to grasp the essence of our industry," Ray commented.

"His youthful audacity can be both a gift and a curse. But I have a hunch that the rumour mills and wrestling tabloids will feast on this. Ideally, someone seasoned like a Taz, J.R., or Billy Gunn should take him under their wing, explaining the potential pitfalls of speaking out of turn on a live camera.

It's crucial for his growth."

Old School Discipline Debated

The acclaimed tag team champion didn't hold back when discussing how such incidents were addressed in yesteryears. "The lad is out there, trying to make a statement when there's no call for it.

Decades ago, the industry had its unique way of dealing with young, eager talents like Perry," he reminisced. "While I'm not suggesting we resort to the extreme measures of the past, it's essential to acknowledge that in a different era, Perry might have faced more stringent consequences." Turning his attention to the event's management, Bully Ray offered a measured defence for AEW's head honcho, Tony Khan.

Given the high-stakes nature of the AEW All-In event, Khan's immediate attention was understandably focused on ensuring the show's successful airing. "Expecting Tony to divert from helming one of wrestling's most pivotal events to address a rookie's impulsiveness is a stretch," Ray explained.

"However, post-event, it's essential that Khan convenes with both the involved parties, ensuring that such issues don't overshadow AEW's larger narrative."

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