Dark Order Brands AEW All Out's ROH Tag Title Outcome 'BS'

Dark Order's tensions with AEW reach a boiling point.

by Atia Mukhtar
Dark Order Brands AEW All Out's ROH Tag Title Outcome 'BS'
© AEW Logo/Wikimedia Commons

At the recent AEW All Out event, there was no shortage of drama and controversy as the team of MJF, the current AEW World Champion and Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion, and Adam Cole managed to retain their tag titles against the Dark Order's John Silver and Alex Reynolds.

This, despite MJF suffering what looked like a neck injury during the match. In a heated backstage interview, the Dark Order's frustration was palpable. Silver questioned the decision-making of both AEW and ROH officials, pointing out MJF's temporary absence from the match due to his injury.

Reynolds was more direct in his condemnation, exclaiming, "This is BS! We were flat-out screwed tonight." His sentiments were further intensified by MJF's lack of history with Ring of Honor.

Evil Uno Warns AEW

Evil Uno, a key figure within the Dark Order, did not mince words when expressing his dissatisfaction with the recent match results.

He candidly pointed out that since making their debut in AEW, the Dark Order seems to have faced a consistent pattern of being overshadowed or overlooked. For Uno, this wasn't just a mere observation but a painful reality that his team has endured for too long.

Standing firmly in defense of his faction, he was vociferous in asserting their value and contribution to the wrestling landscape. Moreover, he issued an unmistakable warning to AEW management: the Dark Order would no longer silently endure these perceived slights.

The era of them being passive spectators to perceived injustices was swiftly coming to an end. The world of professional wrestling was buzzing after Silver and Reynolds showcased their mettle at "AEW Rampage." There, against a backdrop of high-octane energy, they secured their spot for a title shot by outperforming and outlasting several formidable teams in a fiercely contested battle royal.

With momentum on their side heading into All Out, the duo didn't hesitate to employ a range of devious strategies in their quest for victory. Their hunger for the ROH Tag Team Titles was palpable. However, despite a momentary advantage when officials were preoccupied with MJF's sudden injury, they couldn't capitalize fully. Ultimately, their aspirations to clinch the titles remained unfulfilled.