AEW Capitalizes on Wyatt 6 Buzz: The Righteous Seal the Deal with a Landmark Signing


AEW Capitalizes on Wyatt 6 Buzz: The Righteous Seal the Deal with a Landmark Signing
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The journey of The Righteous, comprising Vincent and Dutch, through the wrestling world has been tumultuous and inspiring. While they've been making waves in AEW and the revamped ROH, there was a time when their career trajectory seemed headed in a different direction.

This duo, who made notable appearances on the independent wrestling scene and were part of the pre-pandemic ROH roster, were also associated with Impact Wrestling. In a twist of fate last year, WWE seemed interested in their talent.

Speculations were rife about their potential role in WWE, especially in tandem with the late Bray Wyatt, during the latter part of 2022.

Dutch Reveals WWE Plans

In a candid chat with "Developmentally Speaking," Dutch recently shed light on the then-prevailing discussions about them joining a possible 'Wyatt 6' faction in WWE.

"The idea had immense potential, and when we spent that week at NXT in December, it felt like things were falling into place," Dutch recalled. "However, it got derailed, possibly due to Bray's ill health. The exact reasons will always remain a mystery." What remained constant, though, were the brainstorming sessions on various concepts.

"We had a plethora of ideas in mind. While they didn't see the light of day in WWE, the buzz we generated on social platforms for several months was undeniable," he remarked. Dutch firmly believes this buzz was instrumental in paving their path into AEW, emphasizing, "I owe a lot to that phase.

Every twist and turn in life has a reason." In recent developments, The Righteous bolstered their lineup by inducting Stu Grayson. Their ongoing rivalry with Dark Order has kept the audiences on the edge of their seats. This culminated in their participation in a tag team battle royale on "AEW Rampage," a prelude to the All Out event in Chicago the past week.

In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, The Righteous' journey underscores the adage - "It's not about the destination, but the journey." And their journey is far from over.