Adam Cole Lauds AEW Locker Room Leader

AEW's culture shift finds its roots in Max's dedication.

by Atia Mukhtar
Adam Cole Lauds AEW Locker Room Leader
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In the constantly evolving world of professional wrestling, it's often the veterans or the most visible stars who are considered the locker room leaders. But for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), that designation isn’t limited to the longest-tenured or the most decorated.

Adam Cole, a prominent figure in the wrestling community, recently shone the spotlight on a deserving AEW wrestler, claiming he's the archetype of what it means to be a locker-room leader. During a media scrum after AEW's All Out event, Adam Cole didn't just name-drop.

He admired the current World Champion, Max, with whom he shared reigns as ROH Tag Team Champions. Cole says, "Max eats, sleeps, and breathes pro wrestling." Notably, Max has been with AEW from its inception. His dedication isn’t just rooted in passion but also in commitment to the brand.

“He loves AEW with every fiber of his being. It's evident in how proud he is of the product and his respect for the entire locker room,” Cole elaborated.

Max: AEW's Authentic Leader

It's this very commitment and passion that sets Max apart.

Adam Cole continued, “Max is the kind of leader who doesn't just talk but walks the walk. His drive to ensure anything he's part of is top-notch showcases his leadership skills. He's been instrumental in shaping AEW’s culture, making him an exceptional figure for others to emulate." But the AEW landscape is rapidly changing.

As the night concluded at All Out, a potential contender for Max’s World Championship emerged. Samoa Joe, a recognizable face in the wrestling world, made a grand entrance, confronting Max. The tension was palpable, culminating in an altercation between the two on the entrance ramp.

This unexpected twist not only sets the stage for a thrilling face-off but further underscores the dynamic nature of AEW and its ability to keep fans on their toes.

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