Mark Davis Discusses New Japan Cup Bout; Expresses Regret Over Will Ospreay Injury

Behind the scenes, camaraderie meets unforeseen challenges.

by Noman Rasool
Mark Davis Discusses New Japan Cup Bout; Expresses Regret Over Will Ospreay Injury
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In a recent illuminating episode of "Talk Is Jericho," All Elite Wrestling (AEW) standout and former Ring of Honor (ROH) tag champion Mark Davis shared candid insights about his wrestling journey, particularly his intense matchup against Will Ospreay in the New Japan Cup.

Davis, hailing from the celebrated tag team Aussie Open, has been making waves not just in AEW but also on the global wrestling stage. His appearance on Chris Jericho's acclaimed podcast was eagerly anticipated, as fans worldwide tuned in for a glimpse behind the scenes of some of his most memorable matches.

Among the topics broached, Davis reminisced about the unforgettable bout against Ospreay, a fellow member of the United Empire faction in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). The matchup was initially projected as a spirited but friendly contest given their shared allegiance.

However, the competitive nature of the sport took a dramatic turn when Davis unintentionally caused an injury to Ospreay, leading to the latter's untimely exit from the prestigious tournament.

Davis' Regret Over Match Mishap

Detailing the incident, Davis said, “We (Aussie Open) ventured into the New Japan Cup, which primarily consisted of singles matches.

The experience was phenomenal as we engaged in individual bouts for the tournament. I had the honor of facing Ospreay, but sadly, during a risky maneuver where I wrapped him on a mat outside the ring and executed a senton, Ospreay's shoulder popped”.

A palpable remorse was evident in Davis' voice as he added, “Even though Ospreay emerged victorious, I inadvertently caused him to vacate his spot in the tournament, forcing me to step in. I sincerely apologize to Ospreay." This incident underscores the inherent risks of professional wrestling, even between faction mates and friends.

As this news continues to gain traction, it reminds fans of the sacrifices and unpredictability within the squared circle. Will Ospreay's condition post-injury and potential return timeline remain topics of discussion among fans and experts alike? Meanwhile, Mark Davis' candid confession and reflections shed light on the deep camaraderie and respect wrestlers have for one another, even amidst fierce competition.

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