Shawn Spears Speaks About the Differences Between AEW and the WWE


Shawn Spears Speaks About the Differences Between AEW and the WWE
Shawn Spears Speaks About the Differences Between AEW and the WWE © colby applegate/wrestlinginc

Shawn Spears was known as a talented indie wrestler before he joined the WWE. He has worked for the AEW as well, and is one of the only wrestlers in the world to have worked at these promotions. Most indie wrestlers don’t even make it to the WWE.

AEW was at one time hiring indie wrestlers, but those days are gone. These days they are going after big names. Shawn was a big name at the time he joined AEW, and he still is quite famous.

Shawn Spears Enjoys People Speaking About the Differences Between the WWE and AEW

Shawn’s opinion on the differences between the two companies can be considered accurate as he has worked for both.

According to Shawn, he enjoys the differences between the companies and he doesn’t really care which side the fans are on, as long as they are talking about Wrestling. "They both are big companies they both move fast so television is television, it's the same," Spears said to "Off Her Chops." "You hear the term, 'The grass is greener on the other side' or whatever, not necessarily the case.

If you've been in the industry long enough you understand how it works, a television show needs to be put on." WWE fans and AEW fans often have heated debates online about which company is doing better. In the end, most people agree that the promotions cater to a particular type of audience.

Some prefer the WWE product, as it has been polished over the years. Others prefer the rough and indie feel of AEW, and AEW is more open to hosting matches that include blood and are brutal by today’s WWE standards. "In terms of WWE fans and AEW fans going against each other, I don't care what side you're on because, at the end of the day, you're talking about wrestling," he said.

"You're furthering the growth of the industry. As long as somebody is watching wrestling I don't give a s**t." Shawn believes that the WWE does give its characters more time to develop and establish them better than AEW does.

These days, AEW is just hiring already established names, so they don’t need to work on establishing their characters. He also believes that AEW will eventually start establishing their characters as well, but it will take time as they are still a relatively new company.

The WWE has existed for years and has a massive head start over AEW according to him. "There needs to be differences, we are an alternative we have said that from the beginning," Spears said. "AEW is an alternative, for whatever that means as an individual or a wrestling fan, whatever your interpretation of that is, it's just wrestling."

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