Booker T Shares His Opinion on Tony Khan Handling the CM Punk Situation

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Booker T Shares His Opinion on Tony Khan Handling the CM Punk Situation
Booker T Shares His Opinion on Tony Khan Handling the CM Punk Situation © FS Desk/firstsportz

Booker T is regarded by many as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. Even though he is no longer active in the ring, he still has a very large fan base and his podcast is very popular. In fact, most people would agree that Booker T’s opinions are some of the most balanced that you will find on the internet right now.

Booker T Believes that Tony Khan Cannot Handle a Volatile Situation

The dust from CM Punk’s departure from AEW hasn’t settled yet, and many people are divided on Tony Khan’s handling of the situation. Some people believe that Tony should not have fired one of the only wrestlers that could have helped AEW win the fight against the WWE.

Others believe that CM Punk was toxic and Tony Khan made a good decision by firing CM Punk after his backstage fight with Jack Perry. Booker T believes that the fight would not have taken place if Tony Khan was handling the company well.

"Tony Khan should've stepped in a little bit earlier, put his foot down," Booker said on "The Hall of Fame”. "If Tony Khan can't do it, he should hire someone that can do it. It's hard being the bad guy, especially when you're buddies with a lot of these guys." Booker T revealed that he deliberately kept a distance from all of his bosses, to make sure that everything remains professional.

According to him, Tony is simply not confrontational and cannot do the same job that the WWE Head of Talent relations can. He jokingly said that he would like to work as the head of talent relations at AEW if given a chance.

"I would love to have that job over in AEW," Booker chuckled, "with all that money and all that power." Booker T believes that Tony Khan is very different from the promoters that have existed in the past. Booker T assumes that Tony just talks his way out of every fight, and cannot handle volatile situations.

According to Booker, Tony should have never given Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks executive roles within the company, and should have just let them be regular employees to keep the relationship very professional. "Giving all these guys positions other than just paying them to do their job and do their job to the best of their ability, that totally messed everything up from the beginning," said Booker T.

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