Josh Barnett Takes Unique Role in AEW Backstage


Josh Barnett Takes Unique Role in AEW Backstage
Josh Barnett Takes Unique Role in AEW Backstage © UFC/YouTube

The All Elite Wrestling (AEW) locker room has lately been the epicenter of backstage tensions. The most notable incident culminated at the "All In" event, marking the end of CM Punk's tenure with the promotion. While Punk's departure addressed a major sore point, it leaves a lingering question: Does AEW have a systemic issue behind the curtains that needs a more direct intervention? Tony Khan, AEW's visionary owner, is faced with a critical decision.

Numerous backstage altercations have come to the public's attention, suggesting the need for a mediator — someone adept at nipping potential conflicts in the bud. Josh Barnett, the youngest-ever UFC Heavyweight Champion, might just be the answer to this conundrum.

Barnett's Wrestling Roots

Barnett isn't just any MMA veteran; he's a formidable figure with a deep-rooted connection to the pro-wrestling realm. His annual Bloodsport event, organized in collaboration with GCW, uniquely marries the worlds of MMA and professional wrestling.

Additionally, Barnett's longstanding affiliation with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) further solidifies his credibility in the squared circle. Recently, the social media buzz was all about a proposal made by Barnett on the platform Via X, previously known as Twitter.

In a bold move, Barnett publicly expressed his desire to play a unique role in the AEW's locker room. He offered to serve as the locker room's enforcer, acting as a mediator and guardian of sorts. His primary task would be to ensure that the talent interactions remain both cordial and professional at all times.

While the seriousness of Barnett's proposition can only truly be gauged by the man himself, it undoubtedly highlights a glaring oversight in AEW's management structure. Evidence suggests that Khan has historically been reticent to confront such backstage issues.

Perhaps, now is the opportune moment for Khan to onboard an authoritative figure like Barnett. By doing so, he can demonstrate a commitment to fostering a harmonious locker room environment, ensuring AEW's talent and fans get the best experience possible.

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