Eric Bischoff Talks About Dave Meltzer Possibly Purporting CM Punk Drama


Eric Bischoff Talks About Dave Meltzer Possibly Purporting CM Punk Drama
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Eric Bischoff has spoken about Dave Meltzer numerous times in the past. Many people would agree that Eric has been overcritical at times about Dave Meltzer. On the recent 83 Weeks episode, Eric went off on Dave again.

Eric Bischoff Speaks About Dave Meltzer Probably Causing The Backstage Drama

Dave Meltzer is a very popular wrestling personality, and many wrestlers try to put out ‘5 star’ matches for Dave.

Dave also seems to have people that feed him information. Most of the time, the information is accurate, but Dave sometimes gets things wrong. Eric believes that Dave is up to his usually tricks now. According to Eric and Conrad Thompson (Eric’s co-host), Dave may have gone way too easy on CM Punk when talking about the CM Punk, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks situation.

"I have spent a lot of time shredding — exposing — Dave Meltzer for what he is. I'm sick of hearing myself say it, but Dave Meltzer is horrible — always has been — for the wrestling business," Bischoff said.

He went on to say that he doesn’t take any side too seriously but has been criticizing Dave repeatedly. "I do believe that Meltzer is horrible for this industry, his behavior, his personality, the flaws in his character," Bischoff continued.

"For whatever reason, Dave seems to thrive by spreading 'rumor,' 'innuendo,' 'lies,' call them what you want, and usually does so in favor of people he either has a relationship with or wants to have a relationship with. I didn't believe any of the nonsense that I heard out of Dave Meltzer with regard to CM Punk." Eric stated that Dave’s sources are hurting the business badly.

"They were adding fuel to the fire. I firmly believe that." According to Bischoff, CM Punk didn’t handle the backstage situation well. He stated that Punk could have ended the drama using less violent methods. He also believe that Tony Khan made a mistake by bringing CM Punk back to wrestle of AEW, after what he did at the All Out media scrum in 2022.

CM Punk was suspended by AEW after he and members of the Elite had a fight. "I understand how it can happen," Bischoff said, "when you've got a piece of garbage like Dave Meltzer constantly stirring things up and presenting his side."

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