Ben Stiller Reacts to Kris Statlander's Zoolander AEW Tribute


Ben Stiller Reacts to Kris Statlander's Zoolander AEW Tribute
Ben Stiller Reacts to Kris Statlander's Zoolander AEW Tribute © UN Humanitarian/YouTube

In a delightful blend of professional wrestling and pop culture, Kris Statlander's recent appearance at AEW's "All Out" in Chicago did not go unnoticed, especially by Hollywood's Ben Stiller. Statlander, fresh off a triumphant comeback from injury at "Double or Nothing," where she delivered Jade Cargill her first-ever AEW defeat, continues to dominate her competition, successfully holding onto the TBS Championship against formidable contenders like Nyla Rose, Taya Valkyrie, and Mercedes Martinez.

At the AEW All Out event, Statlander faced off against Ruby Soho, a member of The Outcasts, who was notably absent from the 'All In' matchups the previous week. Adding to the event's tension, Ruby Soho made her grand entrance with new AEW Women's Champion, Saraya, confidently claiming they'd soon be "double champs."

Statlander's Zoolander Salute

However, Statlander's entrance stole the spotlight for Zoolander fans.

Dressed in homage to the fictional male model and striking the famous 'Blue Steel' pose during her runway-themed entrance, she garnered widespread attention, not least from Ben Stiller himself. Tweeting in response, Stiller playfully commended Statlander's tribute with:

Amidst the occasional backstage drama at All Elite Wrestling, it's reassuring to know there were no unexpected gasoline-related incidents, a cheeky nod to the Zoolander film.

As for the actual AEW All Out match, Ruby Soho, frustrated over her 13-year wrestling career without a major title win, showcased her determination. Though she had the backing of The Outcasts, the surprise interference by Toni Storm, concealed beneath the ring, took a curious turn.

Grabbing a paint can from Soho, Storm created a spectacle by spraying green paint, distracting her fellow Outcast member. Capitalizing on the moment, Statlander executed her Sunday Night Fever move, ensuring a pinfall victory and retaining her title.

While Statlander's victory was the talk of the event, we're left wondering if she celebrated with the classic Zoolander favourite, an orange mocha frappuccino.

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