Road Dogg Supports Tony Khan's 'Life at Risk' Assertion

AEW faces turmoil after unexpected backstage brawl unfolds.

by Noman Rasool
Road Dogg Supports Tony Khan's 'Life at Risk' Assertion
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AEW's most significant event, "All In," will not only be remembered for its spectacular bouts but also an unexpected backstage brawl involving CM Punk and Jack Perry. This incident culminated in AEW's head honcho, Tony Khan, deciding to terminate Punk for cause.

While the wrestling community buzzed with opinions and rumours, WWE executive and famous podcast host Road Dogg offered his insights on the "Oh You Didn't Know" podcast. He candidly confessed his uncertainty about how he would have dealt with such an explosive situation, drawing attention to the distinct roles between company owners and on-stage performers.

Road Dogg Reflects

Road Dogg said, "I'm not a billionaire company owner, so I can't say exactly what I would've done. But it's essential to understand the worlds we're comparing. Over recent years, I've tried to view situations from diverse perspectives, given the changing global socio-cultural landscape." The WWE veteran defended Khan amidst criticisms hurled at him for expressing fear during the Punk altercation.

"Everybody attacking Tony needs to understand his background. He grew up as a wrestling enthusiast, not as one of the performers or a member of his father's sports teams. Witnessing such an intense, unexpected brawl can indeed be frightening." He continued, "In our household, barring my son and me, the other members would've been terrified in a similar situation." Drawing attention to evolving social norms, Road Dogg highlighted, "The age of settling disputes with physical fights is waning.

Today's society doesn't endorse or permit such behaviour, and we need to adjust to this change." There are still speculations and unconfirmed reports hinting that Punk might have been aggressive towards Khan as well during this altercation.
The incident has undoubtedly become one of the most talked-about events in wrestling, and the community awaits more clarity.

As more details emerge, fans and industry experts alike will be keen to understand the full extent of the episode and its implications for the future of AEW and its stars.

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