Wardlow Plans Big for AEW Comeback


Wardlow Plans Big for AEW Comeback
Wardlow Plans Big for AEW Comeback © All Elite Wrestling/YouTube

After an evident hiatus from AEW television, the wrestling community has felt the void left by Wardlow. Fans haven't witnessed him in action on popular AEW shows such as "AEW Dynamite," "AEW Rampage," and "AEW Collision" for quite some time now.

His absence, which lasted longer than most anticipated, left Wardlow melancholy just last month. But Wardlow is returning with a bang, harbouring specific plans for his AEW return. A glimpse into Wardlow's frame of mind was provided on the social media platform Twitter.

He stated, "Looks like I'm gonna have to play dad when I return and teach this entire place about respect." — tweeted by Wardlow (@RealWardlow) on September 7, 2023. While the tweet's undertone is thick with anticipation and suspense, Wardlow stopped short of detailing what "playing dad" would involve.

Wardlow's TNT Legacy

Before he stepped away, Wardlow made quite the mark in the TNT Championship scene. From the summer of 2022 onwards, he secured the title three times, achieving a tie for the record of most reigns in this championship category.

However, hisdidn'tAEW appearance didn’t end in glory. On June 17, during the"premiere "episode of "Collision", he handed over the title to Luchasaurus. With his comeback on the horizon, speculations are rife. What role will Wardlow adopt upon his return? The current scenario is intriguing.

Luchasaurus, after his victory over Wardlow, still holds onto the championship titleCage'swith Christian Cage's endorsement, who audaciously proclaims himself as the legitimate TNT CWardlow'sParallelly, Wardlow's past ally turned adversary, MJF boasts the AEW World Championship.

To add to the drama," in a fortnight, the "AEW" Dynamite: Grand Slam" event at the renowned Arthur Ashe Stadium will see MJF defending his title against the triumphant contender from the AEW World Championship Eliminator tournament.

In such chWardlow'scumstances, Wardlow's return to AEW is not just anticipated; it promises to reshape the wrething'sdynamics. One thing's for sure: his reentry into the AEW universe will be spectacular.

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