Washington Thrilled: CJ Perry Joins AEW


Washington Thrilled: CJ Perry Joins AEW
Washington Thrilled: CJ Perry Joins AEW © Cj Perry/YouTUbe

In a riveting turn of events, CJ Perry, who most wrestling enthusiasts recognize as 'Lana' from WWE, made a grand entry into AEW during their "All Out" event this Sunday. The moment was made even more memorable when she appeared just as her spouse, Miro, celebrated a win over Powerhouse Hobbs.

While Miro's sentiments about his better half's inclusion in AEW remain mixed, AEW Wrestling Administration Coordinator Will Washington didn't mince words about his anticipation. During a conversation on "AEW Unrestricted", Washington illuminated the audience about Perry's deep understanding and passion for professional wrestling.

"I remember conversing with her just a day prior," Washington recollected, "and one might not immediately realize it, but she possesses a profound acumen in pro wrestling." He further lauded Perry, "The level of thoughtfulness she infuses into her on-screen portrayal often gets eclipsed by the character she embodies.

This woman has had an incredible journey, and her insights over the years have been remarkable."

Edwards Praises Perry

Further amplifying the buzz, AEW referee Aubrey Edwards shared her exhilaration about Perry's AEW arrival.

Edwards particularly pointed out Perry's astute decision to discard her heels before making a dash to the ring — a nod to her keen attention to detail. However, the plot thickens with Miro's recent renunciation of his deity and spouse after losing the TNT Championship.

Perry stepping into the AEW realm adds a fresh layer to this evolving narrative. While fans eagerly anticipate seeing more of Perry, AEW hasn't officially tied her down with a long-term contract. AEW's head honcho, Tony Khan, termed her appearance a "fantastic surprise", sparking curiosity about the duration of her stint with AEW. Only time will tell, but for now, Perry's arrival signifies new beginnings and endless possibilities.

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