CM Punk's AEW Departure: Young Bucks' Terms, BTE Dispute

Punk's perceived slight sparks new AEW backstage controversy.

by Atia Mukhtar
CM Punk's AEW Departure: Young Bucks' Terms, BTE Dispute
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Recent developments have shed more light on CM Punk's dramatic departure from AEW after his abrupt dismissal by Tony Khan last Saturday due to backstage altercations on August 27 at All In. This new insight, sourced from Dave Meltzer's latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, has already ignited debate among wrestling fans.

Central to the emerging narrative is the contentious, speculated meeting between Punk and The Elite—Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, Matt & Nick Jackson. Scheduled for August 23 during a joint Dynamite & Collision taping in Duluth, Georgia, Punk believed the summit was in the offing.

However, according to Meltzer, The Elite was never privy to such arrangements. Reliable AEW insiders suggest that the officials anticipated The Elite's refusal to meet, thus never making the proposition. Why such certainty on the officials' part? An insider close to the proceedings divulged that The Young Bucks had previously stipulated a condition: six months without any incidents with Punk would warrant a conversation.

Notably, this condition was established before several talents werexcluded from Collision and the much-publicized disagreement over Jack Perry's controversial use of real glass during a taping. This disagreement escalated during the All In pre-show, culminating in a backstage altercation between Punk and Perry at Wembley Stadium.

AEW's Legal Drama

Further complicating the story, AEW reportedly briefed The Elite about a Punk'sletter from Punk’s representation. The document accused The Young Bucks of violating a non-disparagement agreement both parties signed in 2022 after a backstage confrontation at All Out.

At the heart of the matter? Bucks'ch from the Bucks" YouTube series," Being The Elite." The skit revolved around Matt Jackson botching an endorsement deal, leaving The Elite financialPunk'sned. Though Punk's name was conspicuously absent from the sketch, some speculate he might have perceived a veiled reference to himself.

This interpretation could stem from the idea that Punk felt financially compelled to remain in wrestling. While no concrete evidence supportstoryline'sm, the storyline's parallels might have struck a chord. Yet,factions'ing both factions' history of openly referePunk'seach other, Punk's alleged reaction might appear disproportionate.

Information's the information's credibility, given its source from The Observer—often criticized as being biased towards The Elite. This saga continues to unfurl, proving this unsettling world isn’t merely confined to the ring.

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