Tony Khan Aids AEW Stars Post-Rotunda Funeral

Wrestling world mourns Bray Wyatt as AEW's Tony Khan shines.

by Atia Mukhtar
Tony Khan Aids AEW Stars Post-Rotunda Funeral
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Wrestling communities and fans across the globe were met with heavy hearts upon the sudden demise of Windham Rotunda, widely recognized in the wrestling arena as Bray Wyatt. Following the delay due to the recent hurricane that shook Florida, Rotunda's memorial service was slated for last Wednesday.

Coincidentally, the same day was set for the "AEW Dynamite" taping in Indianapolis, causing potential scheduling conflicts for many AEW talents.

Khan's Compassionate Gesture

AEW's president, Tony Khan, recognized the significance of the moment and demonstrated both empathy and leadership.

As revealed in the recent episode of "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" podcast, Khan ensured that every AEW wrestler who wished to pay their last respects to Rotunda had the chance to do so. He then ensured they made it to the "Dynamite" event later in the day without a hitch.

Matt Hardy, expressing his gratitude on the podcast, stated, "A major salute to Tony. He went above and beyond, sending a private jet to transport the AEW talents from the funeral to the TV event in Indianapolis." Hardy continued, "This gesture was monumental, further solidifying Tony's reputation as an individual with an immense heart.

He made certain that anyone desiring to be present at the memorial could do so." It's worth noting that Hardy and Rotunda shared more than just professional camaraderie; they were friends and former tag team companions. Reflecting on their time together, Hardy reminisced about their iconic Ultimate Deletion match in WWE.

He also shared a poignant memory of his eldest son receiving Bray Wyatt's signature lantern as a keepsake. For such heartfelt gestures, Hardy will always hold the memory of Rotunda as a generous soul with a "massive heart." Such acts of consideration, like the one shown by Khan, underscore the tight-knit bonds that form in the wrestling community, especially during moments of shared grief and remembrance.

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