CM Punk AEW Contract Speculation

AEW's Recent Shakeup Sends Shockwaves Through Wrestling Community.

by Atia Mukhtar
CM Punk AEW Contract Speculation
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In a surprising turn of events, it has come to light that CM Punk is no longer affiliated with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Tony Khan, the CEO of AEW, made the unexpected decision to terminate Punk's contract for cause, citing a backstage altercation with Jack Perry during the All In at Wembley Stadium event on August 27.

As the wrestling world buzzes about Punk's departure, there is now speculation regarding the nature of the contracts that tied him to the promotion. According to Dave Meltzer, a respected wrestling journalist, Punk was reportedly operating under two distinct contracts with AEW.

One contract was as a performer, which allowed him to step back into the squared circle and captivate fans with his in-ring prowess. The other contract, shrouded in mystery, classified Punk as an employee of the promotion. While this revelation has sparked curiosity, the exact details of this purported employee agreement remain undisclosed.

Contractual Arrangements and Collaboration

Meltzer's insights suggest that these dual contracts may have served to provide "full insurance" coverage for AEW. However, this has yet to be officially confirmed by either Punk or AEW.

It is worth noting that Punk's involvement extended beyond his in-ring duties, as he collaborated with Tony Khan on various creative aspects of AEW's Saturday night show, "AEW Collision." One of the lingering questions surrounding Punk's departure is whether he had a non-compete clause in his contract.

WWE contracts typically include a one-year non-compete clause for wrestlers terminated for cause. However, there is a prevailing belief that Punk has now become a free agent, offering him the freedom to explore opportunities beyond AEW.

In his recent newsletter, Meltzer even entertained the possibility of AEW extending another opportunity to Punk, emphasizing the significant impact he has had as a former AEW World Champion. The wrestling community eagerly awaits further clarification regarding Punk's contractual status, but one thing is clear: CM Punk's presence in AEW, his abrupt departure, and the speculation surrounding his contracts have added another layer of intrigue to the world of professional wrestling.

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