Former AEW Coach BJ Whitmer Indicted on Strangulation and Burglary Charges


Former AEW Coach BJ Whitmer Indicted on Strangulation and Burglary Charges
Former AEW Coach BJ Whitmer Indicted on Strangulation and Burglary Charges © Ring of Honor Wrestling/YouTube

Former AEW coach and ex-Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion B.J. Whitmer was formally indicted on Friday, facing severe domestic violence charges, including allegations of strangulation and burglary. This legal development is a culmination of events that began with Whitmer's arrest in Kentucky earlier this year.

The initial charges stemmed from his alleged involvement in causing physical harm to another individual through strangulation and his purported involvement in non-residential robberies. Whitmer was subsequently released on a $25,000 bond.

The latest update on Whitmer's legal situation was reported by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, who revealed that a significant development occurred during a hearing on September 6. The former AEW coach was formally indicted on felony charges related to the aforementioned domestic violence incident.

A key detail to note is that an emergency protective order remains to safeguard the alleged victim, underlining the seriousness of the accusations. Throughout this ordeal, AEW has consistently extended their support to the alleged victim, with Sapp confirming that the company continues to work with her during this challenging time.

AEW's commitment to assisting those affected by Whitmer's actions underscores their dedication to maintaining a safe and respectful environment within the wrestling industry.

Pivotal Pre-Trial Hearing

Whitmer's legal journey is far from over.

His pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for October 4, marking a pivotal moment in his case. The outcome of this hearing will undoubtedly have significant ramifications for his future. It is worth noting that Whitmer's association with AEW ended abruptly in June following the allegations against him.

The company swiftly terminated his employment, signalling their unequivocal stance on misconduct within their ranks. AEW emphasized that while they value their talent and staff, individuals are ultimately responsible for their actions.

However, the nature of Whitmer's alleged behaviour was deemed "intolerable" by the company, prompting his immediate dismissal. As this case unfolds, the wrestling community and fans worldwide will be closely watching for updates on B.J. Whitmer's legal proceedings and any further actions AEW took in response to this ongoing situation.