Kevin Sullivan: AEW Star Destined for Wrestling's Mt. Rushmore


Kevin Sullivan: AEW Star Destined for Wrestling's Mt. Rushmore
Kevin Sullivan: AEW Star Destined for Wrestling's Mt. Rushmore © THE HANNIBAL TV/YouTube

After a brief hiatus due to a broken arm sustained at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, Bryan Danielson made a roaring return to AEW. In a highlight of the "All Out" event, Danielson took down Ricky Starks in a gripping strap match that's quickly become a subject of admiration in pro wrestling circles.

One notable voice chiming in with accolades is none other than former WCW standout and booker, Kevin Sullivan. In his "Tuesday With The Taskmaster" segment, Sullivan lavished praise on Danielson's undeniable prowess and charisma.

Reflecting on Danielson's journey, Sullivan remarked, "From the moment he clinched the title, my attention was irrevocably drawn. The sheer talent is hard to overlook. As the annals of wrestling history unfold, and discussions about the proverbial Mt.

Rushmore of wrestlers arise, Danielson's face will undoubtedly be etched on many."

Danielson's AEW Ascendancy

The wrestling community awaits with bated breath for Danielson's appearance on "AEW Collision" this coming Saturday.

It's anticipated that this platform will be his mainstay, as he also amplifies his backstage presence, wielding significant influence over the AEW narrative and direction. Sullivan, among others, perceives Danielson's influence as a pivotal force for revitalizing AEW.

Articulating his hopes, Sullivan said, "With his grounded approach, stemming from his grueling years on the independent circuit and the countless times he was underestimated due to his stature, Danielson is ideally positioned to infuse logic and coherence in AEW's storyline.

The era of incongruent matches might well be behind us." He further emphasized Danielson's qualities: "Having weathered numerous storms and always emerged stronger, Bryan's the embodiment of resilience. His ability to mediate, to prevent potential backstage conflicts from escalating, is unparalleled.

As we look to the future, the prospect of Danielson steering the ship is up-and-coming." In a world where the unpredictable nature of pro wrestling continually keeps fans on their toes, Danielson's return and potential impact are eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. As Sullivan aptly summed, "Danielson is primed to do wonders, and the world is watching."

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