Ace Steel Speaks Out After AEW Exit


Ace Steel Speaks Out After AEW Exit
Ace Steel Speaks Out After AEW Exit © Wrestling Perspective Podcast/YouTube

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been under the spotlight recently, particularly with the controversial departures of its members, and now, Ace Steel is making headlines. A year back, Steel was caught in a tempestuous locker room brawl in AEW alongside CM Punk against The Elite – Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson).

Post this, CM Punk's fiery press conference didn't sit well with The Elite, leading to heightened tensions. Inside accounts of that fateful fight suggest that while CM Punk squared off against Matt Jackson, Steel's actions garnered attention.

Steel allegedly hurled a chair that inadvertently gave Nick Jackson a black eye and, in a heated moment, even bit Kenny Omega on his arm. These events precipitated AEW's decision to terminate Steel, who held a pivotal role as a Producer/Coach, drawing from his extensive professional wrestling background.

It's worth noting that Steel's ties with CM Punk run deep, having mentored Punk in his early wrestling days over two decades ago. Following the waves made by CM Punk's electrifying return to AEW this June and the inauguration of the new Saturday special, 'Collision,' Steel was rehired.

But, there was a catch: he was barred from attending AEW events, a term set in their new agreement. There was also a buzz in the wrestling circuit about Steel securing "back pay" for his previous termination in 2022, seemingly pushed by Punk.

Ace Steel's Unexpected Exit

However, the tides turned yet again for Steel. On September 7th, in an unforeseen move, AEW dismissed Steel, only days after making public their decision to let go of CM Punk, attributing it to his recent scuffle with Jack Perry at AEW's 'All In' event.

However, Steel's intriguing Instagram post-post-release has caught the community's eye. While CM Punk has opted for silence since his AEW exit, Steel's social media is ablaze. He shared a resonating quote: "Mishandling people, then avoiding communication, is not protecting your peace; it's avoiding accountability." To which Steel candidly responded, "Ain't that the truth!!

LoL." This recent sequence of events suggests that the drama in AEW is far from over, with the wrestling community eagerly watching every move.

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