Chris Jericho Attacks Will Ospreay Before AEW's 'All In

Amidst anticipation, Jericho's unexpected move sets the stage.

by Atia Mukhtar
Chris Jericho Attacks Will Ospreay Before AEW's 'All In
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Wrestling enthusiasts were in for a shocker right before AEW All-In. While rehearsing his riveting Fozzy performance of "Judas" for a dramatic ring entrance, Chris Jericho made a surprise detour. Merely an hour from Wembley Stadium, he arrived at The Copper Box.

Here, RevPro Wrestling was celebrating its 11th Anniversary in grandeur. But what nobody saw coming was Jericho, disguised as BUSHI, launching an attack on IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay. This tension-filled move was a precursor to their much-anticipated match at All In.

Jericho's penchant for stealth attacks is no secret. He discussed his strategies on his "Talk Is Jericho" podcast and said, "I love doing stuff like this. I love attacking people with a mask on." The wrestling community fondly remembers him as a masked assailant in multiple events – from his WWE days to NJPW and memorably at the inaugural All-In event.

There, he caught everyone off-guard by attacking Kenny Omega while donning the attire of Penta El Zero Miedo. "It's part of my lineage to attack guys in a mask," he remarked, recalling the BUSHI mask he possesses. "BUSHI from New Japan once gave me his mask to ambush [Tetsuya] Naito.

I've kept that BUSHI mask ever since and even shared a snapshot with Will."

Jericho's Strategic Move

Surprisingly, Jericho wasn't compensated for his surprise appearance at The Copper Box. But for him, it wasn't about the money.

The wrestling maestro saw this as a golden opportunity to intensify the build-up to their AEW clash, creating a simmering atmosphere in the hours leading up to All In. With emotions running high, their match lived up to the hype.

In a contest Jericho described would "alter the trajectory of his career," Ospreay clinched a triumphant victory, with the audience bearing witness to this historic face-off in record numbers.

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