Jade Cargill Surprises After Statlander's AEW Collision Win

AEW Collision sees a shocking turn between two stars.

by Atia Mukhtar
Jade Cargill Surprises After Statlander's AEW Collision Win
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On tonight's "AEW Collision" episode, fans witnessed a surprising twist to the anticipated Open Challenge match between Kris Statlander and Robyn Renegade. While Statlander ultimately claimed victory over Renegade, the story took a shocking turn in the aftermath.

Statlander's victory seemingly didn't sit well with the Renegade Twins, as Charlette Renegade stormed the ring in defiance and support for her sister. The twins, working together, overwhelmed Statlander, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

The duo's onslaught on Statlander was fierce, causing an immediate uproar among the audience. Just when things seemed darkest for Statlander, the atmosphere in the arena shifted. Jade Cargill, absent since the "Double or Nothing" pay-per-view event in May, emerged at the top of the ramp to the shock of the AEW faithful.

She entered the ring with purpose in her stride, swiftly dealing with the Renegade Twins and momentarily turning the tide.

Unexpected Alliance Twist

Many believed this might start a new alliance between Statlander and Cargill.

A handshake seemed imminent, symbolizing a potential union of these two AEW stars. But, in a twist few could anticipate, Cargill, instead of extending her hand, delivered a blow to Statlander. The tension in the arena was palpable as the relationship dynamics took yet another unexpected turn.

This is particularly significant as Cargill has been noticeably absent from All Elite Wrestling since her unfortunate loss of the TBS Championship to Kris Statlander. With her return on "AEW Collision," speculation is rife.

Fans and experts are anticipating a fierce rematch between Cargill and Statlander as the former champ likely seeks to reclaim her lost title. As the world of AEW continues to evolve, fans are left captivated by the unpredictable nature of its storylines.

The rapid shifts in dynamics and the unpredictable alliances have created an atmosphere of suspense and excitement. No one can truly predict what's next. With the promise of intensified drama and high-octane action in upcoming episodes, AEW enthusiasts have much to look forward to.

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