Bully Ray: Samoa Joe, MJF's Biggest AEW Threat


Bully Ray: Samoa Joe, MJF's Biggest AEW Threat
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In the electrifying world of AEW, there has never been a shortage of championship showdowns. Over 293 days, MJF, the reigning AEW World Champion, has squared off with some of the best, engaging in numerous high-stakes matches.

Notable among these is his ongoing storyline with wrestling greats Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, and the powerhouse Samoa Joe. Reflecting on the latest developments during an episode of "Busted Open Radio", WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray weighed in, expressing his excitement over one challenger.

Samoa Joe's recent appearance seemed to shift the dynamic of the show. "When Joe stepped into that arena, the ambience transformed," exclaimed Bully. "Suddenly, there stood before MJF, not just another contender, but a formidable force.

This isn't to discount the immense talent of Adam Cole or others, but Joe has this distinct aura around him." The intense face-off between "The Salt of the Earth", MJF, and Samoa Joe – the reigning ROH World Television Champion – was a testament to this, especially following Joe's audacious submission move on MJF during "All Out."

Strong's MJF Dilemma

Roderick Strong, meanwhile, seems to have a bone to pick with MJF due to the latter's camaraderie with Adam Cole.

Bully Ray's take on this dynamic is quite insightful, "There's this palpable sensation that Joe, with his imposing stature and prowess, has the upper hand against MJF." As the wrestling world buzzes in anticipation, two prominent names emerge as serious contenders in the Grand Slam Eliminator Tournament.

While Roderick Strong secured a win over Trent Beretta, Samoa Joe is gearing up for a high-octane battle against Jeff Hardy in the upcoming "AEW Rampage". Bully, however, has made his choice clear. "If it comes down to picking between a Samoa Joe-MJF showdown or a Roderick Strong-MJF face-off, I'm rooting for Joe every single time." With stakes as high as ever, fans are eager to see if Samoa Joe will emerge as the most credible challenge to MJF's coveted AEW title. Only time will tell.

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