Orange Cassidy Attributes Success to Best Friends


Orange Cassidy Attributes Success to Best Friends
Orange Cassidy Attributes Success to Best Friends © Bleacher Report/YouTube

Orange Cassidy's journey in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been nothing short of remarkable, evolving from a comic relief character to a bona fide main event player. While his ascent to the top of the card has been a testament to his talent and hard work, Cassidy remains deeply connected to his humble beginnings.

This bond was poignantly on display following his recent loss to Jon Moxley in the main event of All Out, where he shared an emotional embrace with his real-life best friends, Trent Beretta, Chuck Taylor, and Kris Statlander.

For Cassidy, maintaining his association with this close-knit group on AEW programming is more than just a personal preference; it's a heartfelt expression of gratitude toward the people who have played an instrumental role in his success.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Cassidy spoke about the importance of showcasing their camaraderie on television. "I always make it a point that we're shown together [on AEW TV]," Cassidy emphasized. "I wouldn't have had that championship and I wouldn't have been able to do what I did without Trent, Chuck, and Kris.

We are legitimately best friends. Mentally and physically, we rely on each other."

Unbreakable Friendship

Cassidy went on to reveal the depth of the bond between them, highlighting moments where his friends came to his aid in times of need.

"There have been times where I was so hurt I couldn't lift my bag into an overhead compartment," Cassidy admitted, "and Chuck's done it for me. Trent's always there for me. Kris has literally carried me places. Without them, I'd never have been able to accomplish what I did." To put Cassidy's recent accomplishments into perspective, the "Freshly Squeezed" sensation has participated in an astonishing 45 matches in 2023 alone within the AEW ring.

Cassidy successfully defended the AEW International Championship, formerly known as the All-Atlantic Championship, a staggering 24 times until he ultimately lost the title to Jon Moxley in a highly anticipated showdown. As Orange Cassidy continues to make his mark in AEW's competitive landscape, his unwavering bond with his best friends serves as a reminder of the importance of loyalty and support in the world of professional wrestling.

With his humble roots firmly intact, Cassidy's journey promises to be an inspiring one for fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

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