Eric Bischoff Enthused: Bryan Danielson May Lead AEW Collision

AEW faces potential reshuffling with seasoned talents on board.

by Atia Mukhtar
Eric Bischoff Enthused: Bryan Danielson May Lead AEW Collision
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Bryan Danielson's journey in the professional wrestling industry has seen him amass invaluable experience, especially during his tenure with WWE. As rumours of him potentially playing a significant part in the creative aspect of AEW's "Collision" circulate, Eric Bischoff, the former WCW President, has strongly supported the idea.

Bischoff expressed his enthusiasm during an episode of "Strictly Business," noting, "There's a buzz around Bryan possibly being involved with 'Collision's' creative side. Given his distinct perspective and years spent mastering television production in WWE, this potential move makes a lot of sense.

Who wouldn't want to harness that expertise?"

AEW's Creative Potential

While Bryan Danielson's exact role within the AEW creative department remains uncertain, Eric Bischoff highlighted the potential upside of such an addition.

Beyond Danielson, Bischoff also emphasized leveraging other AEW talents with extensive TV experience. He specifically mentioned Chris Jericho as another figure who could significantly impact the "Collision" program. With "Collision's" recent viewership numbers hitting a low of 345,000 - a figure Bischoff candidly equated to YouTube viewership stats - he urged AEW's Tony Khan to think innovatively.

"When viewership is at such a level, there's minimal risk in trying something fresh. Experimenting with the creative direction could differentiate 'Collision' from the flagship 'Dynamite' series," he remarked. Bischoff's comments come on the heels of a notable 38% decrease in "Collision's" viewership on the September 2nd episode, relative to its previous week.

While some speculate this drop could be due to CM Punk's departure from AEW, Bischoff is optimistic. He believes a rejuvenated creative approach, potentially with Danielson at the helm, could recover these numbers and even surpass previous highs.

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