Anthony Ogogo Discusses Current Ventures & AEW Future Ambitions


Anthony Ogogo Discusses Current Ventures & AEW Future Ambitions
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Anthony Ogogo, the British professional wrestler and former boxer, has faced many setbacks in his AEW career. Despite appearing as a panellist at AEW All In 2023, Ogogo has not been a consistent figure on the weekly AEW television broadcasts, which has hampered his chances to resonate with the fanbase truly.

The underlying reason, however, isn't due to his lack of talent or effort. In a recent interview with Metro, Ogogo shared the hurdles he's been facing off-camera. Unexpected visa complications arose when his passport went missing during a renewal process, which he initiated in the UK.

This, understandably, has been a source of frustration for the star, who is eager to climb back into the ring and showcase his skills.

Og ogo's Resilient Drive

Despite these unforeseen challenges, Anthony isn't one to sit idly by.

He has embarked on several projects aimed at enhancing his brand visibility. "I'm branching out into different avenues to ensure my brand grows. This way, when I return to the spotlight, I'll be returning with even greater momentum and a renewed sense of purpose," Ogogo commented.

The wrestling world first witnessed Ogogo's entry into AEW in 2019, and he quickly made waves with a high-octane feud against Cody Rhodes in 2020. Although his subsequent TV appearances have been sporadic, insiders have noted that Ogogo inked a two-year contract extension with AEW this year.

In terms of his future aspirations, Ogogo's ambitions are sky-high. He is fiercely determined to etch his name in the annals of wrestling history. "I have set my sights on the AEW World Championship. I don't just want to be a champion; I want to be the first British and Black world champion in AEW.

Wrestling chose me because it aligns with my larger goals, and I'm committed to leaving a lasting legacy," he passionately stated.