Bryan Danielson Set for Part-Time AEW Schedule


Bryan Danielson Set for Part-Time AEW Schedule
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In a recent episode of "AEW Collision," Bryan Danielson dropped a bombshell that left wrestling fans buzzing with speculation. The former WWE superstar revealed his plan to retire from full-time wrestling when his six-year-old daughter turns seven.

This announcement made many ponder the imminent departure of the "American Dragon" from the squared circle. However, a deeper look into the situation suggests that Danielson's retirement may not be as cut and dry as it initially appeared.

According to sources close to the situation, as reported by Sports Illustrated, Bryan Danielson could continue to be a significant presence in AEW even after stepping away from full-time competition. He may become a "special attraction" for the company, making occasional appearances, possibly at significant events, to generate attention and excitement among fans.

This strategic move would maintain Danielson's connection with the wrestling world and benefit AEW by capitalizing on his star power.

Danielson's Family-First Approach

Throughout his tenure in AEW, Danielson has already been operating on a reduced schedule, sparingly participating in weekly matches.

His priorities have shifted significantly since becoming a father, with family taking precedence over professional wrestling. This prioritization of his parental role has guided his decision to slow down in the ring. Additionally, the extent of Bryan Danielson's creative involvement with AEW remains uncertain.

Tony Khan, the company's president, has collaborated closely with Danielson, who recently took on a more substantial backstage role. Khan has expressed such high regard for Danielson that he has suggested Danielson as a potential successor to lead the company's creative direction, should the need arise.

For now, fans can relish Bryan Danielson's in-ring contributions, savouring the moments as they unfold. The "American Dragon" is expected to remain a prominent figure in AEW's future, with a highly anticipated match against Zack Sabre Jr.

scheduled for AEW's WrestleDream event next month. The uncertainty surrounding his retirement timeline adds an element of excitement to his ongoing journey in All Elite Wrestling.

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