Orange Cassidy Speaks About His Unique Wrestling Style


Orange Cassidy Speaks About His Unique Wrestling Style
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Orange Cassidy was a very famous indie wrestler before he joined the AEW, and is currently one of AEW’s most popular stars. Orange has a very unique style of wrestling. It is already a well-known fact that wrestling is scripted.

Orange Cassidy seems to use that knowledge that most fans have to his advantage.

Orange Cassidy Name Drops Some Legends That Believe His Style is Good

Most of his moves and actions in the ring have a comedic element to them.

He is currently known as ‘The King of Sloth Style’. Even though most AEW Fans like his style, there are certain wrestlers and wrestling personalities that don’t like his character at all. Chris Jericho was pretty vocal about not liking his style.

Jim Ross even stated during a production meeting that he though Orange’s style was stupid. During an interview with Metro, Orange explained that in the end, everything worked well for him. "I'm not the biggest guy in the world, I'm not the tallest guy in the world.

I can do some things, but I wanted to be myself and stand out," he explained. "I feel like in professional wrestling today, it's very hard to stand out and be different." Orange believes he can’t be compared to other wrestlers.

He is proud of that. He is fully aware that his gimmick is something that some wrestling fans would never like. Some wrestling legends actually like his style, while the old-school wrestlers do not like it at all. "It's Sting!

He's the man! It's people like that, you understand why they have longevity, and why people respect them, why they're legends. They understand. For the people that don't understand, 'Oh, it's Orange Cassidy' — come on! Shut up!

You know what this is." Orange has fought some of AEW’s best wrestlers ever since he debuted in the company. His first big feud was against Chris Jericho, which put him under the spotlight for a very long time. However, he isn’t part of any major storyline that has sparked a lot of attention in recent times.

He has also won some important titles during his time in AEW. He was recently involved in a feud with Jon Moxley. He fought Jon at the main event of All Out 2023, where he lost his AEW Intercontinental Title. He held the title for a very long time, and most people would agree that his performances during his reign were outstanding.

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