Will Ospreay Unveils AEW 'All In' Inspired Tattoo


Will Ospreay Unveils AEW 'All In' Inspired Tattoo
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Will Ospreay, one of the premier wrestling talents globally, has unveiled a new tattoo as a tribute to his monumental performance at AEW All In inside the legendary Wembley Stadium. AEW All In at Wembley wasn't just another wrestling event.

It broke records, boasting the largest paid attendance in the annals of professional wrestling. Amidst the spectacle, Ospreay's defeat of the iconic Chris Jericho, with the notable assistance of Don Callis, was one of the event's stand-out moments.

Ospreay's Heartfelt Thanks

The emotional aftermath was palpable. Ospreay took to his social media platform, expressing his gratitude and the significance of the even"ng in his life. He wrote, “The gratwho'veI feel for all those who've been on this wild ride with me is immeasurable.

Last night, AEW and its fans changed my life. I'm profoundly honoured to have represented not just NJPW and my family but British wrestling on such a grand stage. From the bot" om of my heart, thank you.The monumental event in his career has now been immortalized on his skin.

A vigilant Twitter user, Drainmaker, highlighted that the new tattoo showcases multiple elements from the record-setting event, including the iconic date and the unparalleled attendance figure. Wembley was more than just another venue for Ospreay.

It was a realization of a dream. As the wrestling world turns its gaze to the fOspreay'se, the next chapter in Ospreay's journey, he promises to be enthralOspreay'serestingly. At the same time, Wembley's participation at Wembley's AEW All-In was a significant highlight; he was conspicuously absent from the first All-In event in 2018.

In a candid revelation, Ospreay shared that he was unintentionally overlooked for the Chicago event by the organizers, Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. Recounting" the incident, he said, “Cody once asked during the event, 'Why weren't you on All In?'’ ' My Mydidn'tnse was simple: 'You didn't ask.'

It turns out they forgI'veTook a while, but now, I've made my mark on All In at Wembley StI'mum. And for the record, I'm not All Elite. I'm above it." With such a candid revelation and a new tattoo, Ospreay continues to make headlines and promises even more excitement in the coming months.

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