Orange Cassidy Shares Childhood Favorites, Personal Pride


Orange Cassidy Shares Childhood Favorites, Personal Pride
Orange Cassidy Shares Childhood Favorites, Personal Pride © WrestleZOne/YouTube

In a candid conversation with "Metro," AEW sensation Orange Cassidy opened up about the early influences that propelled him into the wrestling ring. Drawing inspiration from ECW's notorious hardcore wrestling, Cassidy recalled, "I'd watch ECW, and I'd think, 'That's something I can dominate in!

I need to be a part of that!' The allure wasn’t just about the wrestling; it was the whole aura. The effortlessly cool wrestlers puffing on cigarettes. Though I've never smoked, as a youngster, that represented the epitome of cool to me." Having started his wrestling journey back in 2004, shortly after ECW ceased operations, Cassidy grappled his way through the indie circuits for over a decade.

It wasn't until 2019 that he made his notable entry into AEW, where he quickly became a standout performer. His unique persona, however, has divided opinions. While a large section of fans find his in-ring antics captivating, others feel that he caricatures the noble art of wrestling.

Cassidy's Unique Stance

Shutting down critics, Cassidy said, "One thing I pride myself on is my distinctiveness. When people watch me, they don't think, 'Oh, he's just like XYZ.' They can't really pin a comparison on me, which I believe sets me apart." There's no doubt about Cassidy's commitment to his unique 'gimmick', and he's well aware of the criticism it draws.

In a revealing twist, fans witnessed another dimension to his character recently when he passionately cut a promo after successfully defending the International title for an impressive 31st time. However, like all great tales, his reigning chapter had its climax at AEW's premier event, 'All Out'

In a nail-biting main event, Cassidy faced off against the formidable Jon Moxley, ultimately losing his title. But if his past journey is any indicator, Cassidy is far from done captivating the AEW universe.

Orange Cassidy