Matt Hardy Lauds AEW Star's Leadership Skills


Matt Hardy Lauds AEW Star's Leadership Skills
Matt Hardy Lauds AEW Star's Leadership Skills © All Elite Wrerstling/YouTube

The AEW wrestling landscape, teeming with budding superstars, is complemented by seasoned professionals who shoulder the mantle of locker room leaders. When chaos descended during events like the "Brawl Out," stalwarts like Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, and Bryan Danielson stepped up, shepherding the flock.

Danielson, in particular, is increasingly recognized as a cornerstone of leadership within the promotion. In the latest episode of "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," the veteran grappler sang praises of Danielson. "Bryan Danielson is fantastic.

The superlatives fall short when describing him," Matt Hardy said. "Since joining AEW, he's epitomized what being a mentor and guide means. His willingness to be accessible, arriving early to tutor, and being there for the roster illustrates his commitment." This commitment is not just reserved for backstage pep talks.

Danielson's hands-on mentorship is hands-on, with talents like Jade Cargill benefiting from his training sessions before significant events. Beyond the squared circle, Danielson's imprint is being felt at the strategic level.

He's been liaising closely with Tony Khan on the company's creative direction, a move that's been lauded by Khan himself.

Matt Hardy Applauds Danielson

Matt Hardy added to the chorus of accolades, emphasizing Danielson's commendable demeanour.

"Bryan’s stability is unmatched. His passion for pro wrestling is palpable. Yet, what stands out is his seamless transition to a leadership role, nurturing the next generation. He's a stellar talent and an even more impressive human being.

Bryan Danielson truly deserves all the acclaim." As whispers circulate about Danielson contemplating a wind-down from his full-time wrestling career within the forthcoming year, many speculate that a heightened backstage role awaits him.

If Matt Hardy endorsement is anything to go by, the AEW roster and fans alike would be excited about the prospect of Danielson further embedding himself into the fabric of the organization's leadership.

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