Eric Bischoff to CM Punk: 'Clock's Ticking' in AEW

Eric Bischoff delves into CM Punk's uncertain wrestling future.

by Atia Mukhtar
Eric Bischoff to CM Punk: 'Clock's Ticking' in AEW
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Eric Bischoff, a longstanding figure in the world of professional wrestling, recently weighed in on the unexpected trajectory of CM Punk's tenure with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Speaking on his "83 Weeks" podcast, Bischoff described Punk's time in AEW as less than ideal, alluding to it by saying, "There was no happy ending in that story." Bischoff, ever analytical, delved into the potential financial underpinnings of Punk's post-AEW phase.

"Unless CM Punk is comfortably nestled atop a significant nest egg, exempt from financial pressures, he may feel the weight of economic demands," he noted. Bischoff also raised skepticism about Punk's ability or desire to kickstart his wrestling promotion, considering the exorbitant costs associated with successfully establishing and running such an endeavor.

Punk's Ticking Clock

Continuing the discussion, Bischoff emphasized the time sensitivity of Punk's situation. "While Punk may be in a plush financial state now, there's a limited window for him to maximize his in-ring value.

Time's a luxury he doesn't have indefinitely," he commented. With AEW out of the picture, for now, Bischoff views WWE as the most probable, and perhaps the only, next move for Punk. And in this potential shift, the dynamics between CM Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks, and WWE's Chief Content Officer, Paul Levesque, play a significant role.

Bischoff, optimistic about the prospect, pointed out Levesque's notable professionalism. "The real test is whether Phil Brooks can genuinely persuade Paul of his commitment," Bischoff said. While there are other notable promotions like Impact Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Bischoff believes they lack the deep pockets required to meet Punk's expectations.

In conclusion, Bischoff, though not personally acquainted with Brooks, expressed a sincere wish. "I genuinely hope that Phil realizes the sands of time are rapidly slipping through the hourglass. More importantly, he should remember that the reins to penning the last chapter of his illustrious wrestling legacy lie solely in his hands."

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