Tony Khan Teases Major Ex-WWE Star's AEW Debut Tonight

Mandy Rose's cryptic hints fuel wrestling return rumors.

by Atia Mukhtar
Tony Khan Teases Major Ex-WWE Star's AEW Debut Tonight
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As the professional wrestling world remains a battleground for the top talent, AEW President Tony Khan has consistently shown that he is unreserved when it comes to securing top-tier wrestling artists. The latest buzz suggests Khan might drop a major announcement on the upcoming Dynamite episode.

Mandy Rose, the former NXT Women's Champion, had a sudden departure from WWE in December 2022 due to alleged contract discrepancies. Her exit has since become one of the most debated topics in the wrestling sphere. Having remained conspicuously absent from the squared circle for close to nine months, fans are eager to know if and when she will return.

Rose Teases AEW Debut

A recent Instagram Q&A gave her followers a glimmer of hope. Addressing a fan's query on her wrestling comeback, Rose hinted at potentially being on the market soon. Given the not-so-amicable nature of her WWE exit, it’s improbable for Rose to step foot there again.

This leaves the door wide open for an AEW debut. AEW's women's division, particularly the relationship dynamics within The Outcasts, is at an intriguing juncture. With Toni Storm and Saraya vying for the title of 'Alpha-Female' in AEW, Rose’s entry could add an intriguing layer to this narrative.

Notably, The Glampire and Rose have a shared past from their WWE days. The upcoming Grand Slam edition of Dynamite coincides with Saraya’s AEW anniversary. What could be a better anniversary gift than the return of an old friend? Especially when it’s for bolstering her defense in the first title match.

While the possible debut remains speculative, Tony Khan's pro-wrestling love isn’t. It's evident from the nods and tributes that pepper AEW TV. Khan's admiration for Lucha Libre has also been palpable with numerous Luchadors gracing AEW.

After a Lucha-heavy episode on September 8, Luchablog playfully speculated about Khan's influence. Khan, in good spirits, acknowledged the jest. Interestingly, Khan's wrestling journey isn’t new. A throwback reveals a young Khan, engrossed among the audience at the iconic 1996 ECW event, 'The Doctor is In' His father had taken him to the legendary ECW arena, fostering his love for the sport.

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