Rhyno Praises AEW Star's Business Acumen


Rhyno Praises AEW Star's Business Acumen
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Before emerging as the ECW and NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Impact Wrestling's Rhyno cut his teeth in the fiercely competitive independent wrestling circuits across the U.S. and Canada. It was during these gritty early years in the mid-90s that he was part of an ensemble known as THUG Life.

Little did he know that this group would be a springboard for future wrestling luminaries like Edge and AEW's Christian Cage. This connection sowed the seeds of a lasting friendship, which later bore fruit when the trio joined forces once again in WWE in 2001.

Recently, Rhyno graced "The Kurt Angle Show," where the conversation naturally veered towards his enduring comradeship with Christian Cage. Angle reminisced about a captivating three-way bout featuring him, Christian, and Rhyno back in TNA (now Impact) in 2007.

Rhyno lavished praise on Christian, especially spotlighting his prowess in the role of a heel.

Rhyno Praises Christian

Speaking with evident admiration, Rhyno mused, "Christian's brilliance inside the ring is mirrored by his warmth outside it.

Pairing up with him and Edge during my formative years was fortuitous. While Christian excels as a babyface, his heel persona is truly unparalleled. His wrestling IQ is prodigious, something he's honed over countless hours, much like Edge." But Rhyno's respect for Christian isn't just limited to his in-ring skills.

He envisions a bright future for Christian even after his wrestling days wind down. Rhyno opined, "Christian's acumen for the sport is so profound that his eventual retirement from in-ring action shouldn't mark his exit from the industry.

Whether it's in a creative capacity, talent development, or even production, he's got so much to offer." He added with a hint of concern, "The wrestling ecosystem would indeed be at a loss if Christian decides to hang up his boots and distance himself entirely.

Here's hoping when he chooses to step away from the limelight, he'll still remain tethered to the world that he's enriched so much."

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