Road Dogg Teases Young Bucks: Who's the Top Sports Entertainer?

Wrestling worlds collide in James' recent podcast remarks.

by Atia Mukhtar
Road Dogg Teases Young Bucks: Who's the Top Sports Entertainer?
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During a recent episode of the "Oh...You Didn't Know?" podcast, WWE's Senior Vice President of Live Events, "Road Dogg" Brian James, offered his insights on a debate that has been simmering among fans: is he a more accomplished sports entertainer compared to All Elite Wrestling's dynamic duo, Matt and Nick Jackson, famously known as The Young Bucks? Responding to the question, James humorously oscillated between self-praise and respect for the Bucks.

"I have to admit, while I believe I'm better than both of them combined, I can't negate the immense success they've garnered," said James. "In the business side of things, they have truly achieved heights I've not touched. Despite our professional rivalry, from what I've heard, they're good-hearted guys.

I haven't had the chance to know them personally."

James' Dual Stance

James' intention in his response was twofold. Firstly, he aimed to stir the pot on social media by claiming superiority. Yet, he quickly pivoted to commend The Young Bucks for their impressive track record in professional wrestling, which he feels surpasses his own achievements.

In a notable turn of events on the same podcast episode, James was quizzed on who he'd prefer to bring back to WWE. His options? CM Punk, who has been in the headlines following his departure from AEW, or other notable AEW stars like FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) and The Young Bucks.

Without hesitation, James opined that CM Punk would be his top choice, believing that Punk possesses the charisma and presence to "move the needle" for WWE in a monumental way. James went on to laud the professional caliber of Matt and Nick Jackson, saying he respects their craft.

However, he candidly added a caveat, mentioning, "While I admire their skills, I wouldn’t necessarily spend my money to watch them in action." This intriguing conversation not only adds to the WWE vs. AEW narrative but also highlights the mutual respect that exists behind the curtains of the wrestling world.

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