Moxley's Insight on Wrestling's Evolution

Jon Moxley Opens Up on Bryan Danielson and the Current State of Wrestling

by Noman Rasool
Moxley's Insight on Wrestling's Evolution
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In a recent exclusive interview with Cincinnati ESPN 1530, AEW superstar and current International Champion, Jon Moxley delved deep into his views on Bryan Danielson, a fellow member of the Blackpool Combat Club, and the current environment of professional wrestling.

Moxley passionately discussed how he cannot envision a world where Bryan Danielson, fondly known as the American Dragon, retires completely from wrestling if he's physically able. "It's hard to fathom a scenario where a fit and healthy Danielson hangs up his boots permanently," said Moxley.

However, he believes Danielson's desires to limit his wrestling engagements, especially those that keep him away from his family, are genuine. This reflects a broader trend where athletes prioritize family time and personal well-being over an exhaustive career, even when they're at their peak.

Moreover, Moxley emphasized the importance of treasuring the moments where legends like Danielson grace the ring. He stressed the unpredictability of the wrestling world, citing examples of how quickly the landscape can change.

Legends like Terry Funk, who was active just weeks ago, may suddenly not be around. He poignantly noted, "When Micheal Jordan retired, fans couldn't switch on their TVs to witness his magic on the court. Similarly, every Bryan Danielson match on Dynamite is a spectacle that should be cherished." This sentiment reminds fans to not take such experiences for granted.

Evolution of Wrestling Realism

In a separate conversation, Moxley also shed light on the current trajectory of professional wrestling. According to him, the sport has evolved from its occasional theatrical roots and aligns more with the rawness and authenticity found in intense TV dramas like HBO's The Wire.

This shift indicates a preference for realism and gritty storylines that mirror the challenges and triumphs experienced by modern-day wrestlers. In a world dominated by search engines, fans eagerly searching for updates on their favorite wrestlers like Moxley or Danielson can find this piece enlightening.

It not only touches upon their professional aspirations but also underscores the significance of cherishing moments that might not come by again. To sum it up, as the world of wrestling undergoes transformations, the heartfelt words of champions like Jon Moxley serve as a beacon for fans, reminding them to value and treasure every moment of this captivating sport.

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